A Stronger Coffee Program from a Stronger Coffee Company

A Stronger Coffee Program from a Stronger Coffee Company

Do your customers like “your” coffee? When you serve it, no matter whose name is on the machines, “it’s your coffee.” When you chose Eastern Coffee Products you have access to several blends of coffee to meet the taste requirements of food store customers throughout the region. 

How many compliments do you get on your coffee right now? If it’s just a few, that’s a good reason to find out about options, especially when it could mean more profit from the same space every month. 

If you made a significant commitment to the coffee service area in your store; and your supplier is not involved in helping you optimize your return on that investment, you are probably losing customers as well as profits.

Arrange a taste test today at your store. We’ll come prepared with several blends & equipment options that will elevate the taste and satisfaction level over your present selection. 

Along with the preferred coffee of taste conscious New Yorkers, Eastern Coffee is overwhelmingly ranked first by fellow retailers for an extensive selection of hot beverages, highly responsive support and real 24/7 equipment service. 

When you feature Black Diamond Coffee your regular customers will notice. And, they won’t feel the need to “reward themselves” with an over-priced barista stop. 

Taste the difference. Everything else is second. You’ll choose us every time!