Great Tasting Coffee

Great Tasting Coffee

Opening a new location or considering making a change in coffee suppliers? You have plenty of options - or do you? If you’re like most independent retailers the two questions we hear most are: "what’s your best price" and "what offers are available?"

And, we’d be happy to offer some compelling responses to your questions. Except, you’d be missing the most important point in selecting a coffee supplier – getting consistently great tasting coffee, one that keeps customers coming back.

Today, every vendor sells decent coffee; the companies that didn’t, well, most are not around anymore! Good coffee fills the cup, consistently great coffee fills your store! The Coffee = Customers page has more details on coffee and customer loyalty.

 Why our coffee tastes so good

It takes many steps and many hands to make a great cup of coffee for your customers. The process begins in the coffee growing regions near the equator, where favorable climatic conditions produce a bean from the fruit of a particular type of evergreen tree! 

Coffee comes from either a Coffea Arabica (Arabica) or Coffea Canephora (Robusta) plant. High-grown Arabica coffee which is the plant from which Black Diamond Coffee is derived, is more delicate requiring higher elevations, cooler subtropical conditions, a liberal amount of moisture and plenty of sunshine.  Robusta beans are hardier but rougher and more resistant to drought. They tend to be less costly, less flavorful, and are generously blended in lower cost brands.

The secret to great coffee flavor, that day-to-day, year-to-year consistency is a fresh hand-picked, quality-grown harvest and careful blending from crop to crop. We became the favorite morning coffee of Long Island, Brooklyn and Queens before the national chains dictated taste preferences from headquarters in Dallas, Seattle and Boston! 

Our coffee has always been blended for the special preferences of the people who live locally.  What made Black Diamond Coffee a New York favorite are the strict quality & consistency standards we set for ourselves from the very beginning. We start with the highest quality hand-picked, fully ripe coffee beans sorted according to size, then make sure every step in the process follows our protocols. 

Though a coffee may be great when it is first harvested, to maintain its “greatness” high quality practices must be maintained through every step from tree to cup! We don’t say it’s great coffee unless it really is!

To arrange for a taste test session at your store, or to get details on store design, special programs and other general information, call us now 631-567-6996, or just contact us online.