Coffee = Customers

Coffee = Customers

More Revenue, More Loyalty, More Profit from Coffee

One Part Bean, One Part Brand

The Black Diamond Coffee program is one part superior bean and one part brand leadership. 

Get in on our point-of-purchase materials and consumer advertising campaigns. These programs are specifically designed to help you leverage a prominent position in the customer’s morning stop decision. 

It’s a fact, coffee drives traffic. A recent survey of morning food and beverage retailers ranked coffee highest for customer retention by most participating store operators. And, they note - "consistently great coffee practically guarantees customer loyalty!"

Every day coffee chain and fast food competitors spend millions on advertising. And, every morning another person in your neighborhood, maybe a customer of yours, takes a detour and heads to a chain store.  Their coffee is good, no doubt about it, but never really memorable. Losing a customer over coffee, especially when you have more to offer, threatens your entire business.

Compete and Win Against the Chain Stores

Beyond all the statistics there are two main components of a profitable morning coffee concession, great coffee taste and a provocative branding program to tell your story. 

Don’t be the best kept secret in your neighborhood! Become a Black Diamond Coffee retailer and you'll be selling the best tasting, most satisfying cup of coffee from Manhattan to Montauk. 

Black Diamond Coffee is a great brand.  It’s the only coffee blended for us straightforward yet warm-hearted, downstate New Yorkers.  It’s a coffee with a deep, rich and satisfying flavor, the kind of coffee that has a following; that people cross a busy street to get. 

But, they have to know it’s there! Our branded program is far superior to a generic one. It tells your customers you are a real player in the competition for their coffee loyalty. Since you have more to offer the customer in variety, convenience, and appreciation than a chain store, you need to convince and continually reinforce the coffee leadership position you assumed.

Eastern Coffee Products Helps you Sell More Coffee

What brand studies show:

  • Popular products say: “Others’ agree.”
  • No-name coffee has low prestige.
  • If price were equal, 98% would chose the branded item.
  • Coffee perceived as premium (not necessarily higher priced) leads consumption trends.
  • Consumers believe branded products are more consistent and taste better.

It’s not just about dropping off a supply of coffee and checking in once in a while, those days are over. You need to standup to the daily onslaught of ads with an aggressive, market-based program of your own. Our years of involvement in the coffee programs of many national companies will give you tremendous insights that you can use right now.

Coffee is our only business! When your business doesn’t thrive neither does ours. If your coffee partner isn’t doing everything possible to assure your success, it is time to talk with a real coffee company.

Considering the purchase price of brewed coffee; the difference between an economy, inconsistent product and a fine, top quality regionally-blended coffee is only a penny or two a cup. The incremental cost of a better cup of coffee is practically insignificant, especially when you’ll be selling more coffee and making more profit. 

When it’s time to get serious about making more money with coffee decide on a coffee supplier that can help build store loyalty and bring in new business all at the same time. Taste – it’s the powerful difference a great cup of coffee can make!