Brand Building

Brand Building

More loyalty, more profit, more customers

Smart thinking independent food and take-out retailers are building ever bigger profits with coffee. To get in on this growing opportunity consider starting where they started. When you choose Eastern Coffee Products as your coffee resource you don’t just get a competent supplier. What you get are coffee category specialists that will actually help you bring in more customers.

Of course, smart coffee retailing starts with great coffee. But, elevating coffee profits requires more. Branding has a remarkable influence on shaping consumer judgment. To be known as a seller of worthy coffee and judged to be among the places for a “really good cup,” they must see it and feel it, as well as taste it!

We are here to show you how to get started and will support you as your coffee profits grow. You’ll get inspiring point of sale materials and insights from across the spectrum of coffee marketing. If you’re ready to start getting a bigger piece of the coffee pie, stop reading and call Eastern Coffee now!

What Brand Studies Show

  • Popular products mean "Others' agree"
  • Generic no-name coffee has low prestige
  • If price were equal, 98% would choose the branded item
  • Coffee perceived as premium (not higher priced) leads consumption trends
  • Consumers believe branded products to be consistently better

One Part Bean, One Part Brand

Our years of involvement in the coffee programs of many national chains gave us tremendous insights. The Black Diamond Coffee program is one part superior bean and one part brand leadership. The point-of-purchase materials we create are specifically designed to help you leverage a prominent position in the customer’s morning routine. To strengthen your reputation, keep customers informed and coming back each day, use these materials.

There are few high demand items, exclusive to independent food retailers that can return the kind of profit and loyalty that our coffee programs can offer. When you employ the point of purchase program the way it was designed, and prepare every pot of coffee with care, you are on your way to greater success.

Brand Building Tools and Services

Coffee is one of the most profitable items in a food and take-out operation. To assure you get the help you need to make the most of your operation, you’ll need more than cups and signs. Whether a new store or an important upgrade, your coffee category specialist at Eastern Coffee Products can be counted upon for everything you need to grow your coffee business.

These materials and services include:

  • Point of Sale Posters and Signage
  • Seasonal programs and beverages
  • Coffee Service area design
  • Plumbing & electrical specifications
  • Equipment recommendations
  • New store design & layout
  • In store events and promotions
  • Operational Protocols
  • Employee Training
  • Server wearable items

Private Branding

For retailers who prefer to market their own brand, Eastern Coffee offers you our extensive coffee marketing capabilities to help you reach your goals.

Some of the components we can provide are custom branded cups (minimums apply), graphic design assistance, custom signage and point of purchase displays, retail labels, loyalty programs, and, when volume warrants - your own custom brand of coffee. Speak with a category specialist about terms and commitments.

Creating coffee programs and merchandizing services are just one of the ways we help our customers earn higher profits with coffee.