10 Steps to Increasing Coffee Profits

10 Steps to Increasing Coffee Profits
  • Choose the best tasting coffee available and promote the brand using point of purchase materials. Hold your store out as a place to get great tasting coffee
  • Coffee is one of the most profitable items in your store. Construct a coffee service counter that is large enough and inviting so that multiple users have easy access during the busiest times of the day
  • Keep the coffee service area well-stocked and have all incidentals well-marked. Put out all types of sweeteners and keep milk and cream cool. (Don’t use “no-name” imitations of the popular brands. It casts a negative impression on all the ingredient choices you make.)
  • Use our service area protocols or develop you own, but keep the area spotless by wiping the area down and keeping the waste receptacles from overflowing.
  • Ask your customers how they are enjoying the coffee and if there is anything that might make their experience in your store better.
  • Like the coffee service counter, do your best to keep the general look and appeal of the store at it’s very best. Keep the outside looking clean and free of litter and maintain the appearance by cleaning windows and painting whenever necessary
  • 99.8% of a cup of coffee is water. Nothing can destroy the flavor of good fresh ground coffee than stale of bad tasting water. If this main ingredient is insufficient consider other sources.
  • Participate in every coffee promotion offered by your coffee supplier. Special and seasonal coffee flavors, seasonal signage and your own “in store” specials will keep your customers interested.
  • Be friendly. Nothing keeps a customer coming back like a personal relationship. 
  • Eastern Coffee Products would be happy to create a customized open house event to help you boost your coffee sales.