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Coffee = Customers
Coffee = Customers
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In today's times you need a Real Coffee Company

Everybody’s coffee is their favorite, until they try ours!

No brand sells more coffee at independent food stores in this region than us. To do so, our blends have to standup to the preferences of some of the toughest customers anywhere.

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Customer Loyalty

Keeping customers is the lifeblood of any business. Our branded program helps you compete against the daily onslaught of ads from the chains. It tells your customers you are a real player in the competition for their coffee loyalty.   

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Trusted Coffee Advisor

Knowing the facts is an important key to making the right decisions for your customers, and your store. 

We are the coffee experts independent food stores depend on. Be confident in your coffee category management with informed guidance from us.

Leaving a bad taste in someone's mouth could ruin your entire business!

Best Coffee Manhattan to Montauk

Coffee chain and fast food competitors spend millions on advertising every day. Their coffee is good, but not memorable. You, the independent operator have more variety, familiarity, fresher food and the option of a powerful coffee brand. Black Diamond Coffee, from Eastern Coffee Products, has proven its ability to help build profits for those that want a bigger piece of the lucrative morning coffee pie.

My business has been a customer of Eastern Coffee for more than 15 years. During that time we have not had one complaint. They are extremely timely with orders and when we need service assistance they are here almost immediately! We have always dealt with nice, friendly and caring people – something that you can’t find with every company. But, most importantly, our customers absolutely love the quality of the coffee.

- M. Patel, Mill Deli
Yaphank, NY

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